Special Book Sale — 2015, 2016, 2017 BSSA anthologies.

Christmas presents for your short story loving parent, grandparent, sibling, husband, wife, partner, uncle, aunt, friend or lover. Our 2015, 2016 and 2017 Anthologies are all for sale for only £5.00 each including postage and packing, to UK residents. Stocks limited so buy soon.
Read excellent stories on many different subjects by writers from all over the world in each of these volumes: Buy here:
Writers in the 2015 anthology:  Safia Moore, Dan Powell, Angela Readman, KM Elkes, Lucy Corkhill, Eileen Merriman, Barbara Weeks, Sarah Collins, Emma Seaman, Emily Devane, Anne Corlett, Anna Metcalfe, Alice Falconer, Adam Kucharksi, Fran Landsman, Fiona Mitchell, Debbi Voisey, Chris Edwards-Pritchard, John Holland

Writers in the 2016 anthology: Anne O’Brien, Barry McKinley, Sara Collins, Alison Powell, Nick Werber, Bunmi Ogunsiji, Margaret Dolley, Kathy Stevens, Fflur Dafydd, Thomas Atkinson, Ingrid JendrzKathejewski, Cherise Saywell, Rupert Dastur, Clare Reddaway, William Shih, Jacky Taylor, Christina Sanders, Eileen Merriman, Rhiannon Bull.

Writers in the 2017 Anthology: Kathy Stevens, Mary Griese, Sarah Mackey, Chloe Turner, Sandra Marslund, Fiona Rintoul, Harriet Springbett, David Butler, Shannon Savvas, Judith Wilson, Joe Eurell, Colin Walsh, Patrick Holloway, Emily Devane, Catherine Finch, Bridgitte Cummings, Alexander Knights, Mara Balzic