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Longlist, Bath Short Story Award 2019

Many congratulations to all the writers who have been selected for the longlist of the 2019 international Bath Short Story Award. We received 1493 entries this year and thank you to all the world wide writers who entered. If the title to your story is on this list, please first check your emails. Sometimes, title names are duplicated among the entries and all longlisted writers will receive an email from us today confirming that they are on the list (18th June). Let us know if your title is here and you have not received an email. Judging is still in progress and all entries are judged blind. While you are welcome to share the news you are on this list on social media or elsewhere, please do not identify your story title with your name. Thank you. The short list of twenty titles will be announced in two weeks time.

2019 Bath Short Story Award Long List
Title Author
5 Things I Can See tba
A Drinker’s Face tba
A Gap Shaped Like The Missing tba
A Little Cloud tba
At The Very Top Of The World tba
Beautiful Things tba
Because We Are Weak tba
Bellissima tba
Blue Reflective tba
Boxing Like Butterflies tba
Breast Plucker tba
Candie Klosse, Chuckie, Wolf And Me tba
Circling The Chicken tba
Even The Silence tba
Every Ninety Seconds tba
Everybody Wants Baby Girls tba
Everything But The Squeal tba
Exposure tba
Face It tba
Fish Face tba
For A Patient tba
For Some Time Now tba
Goya In The Deaf Man’s House tba
Grandmas Perfume tba
How tba
Hungry Roads tba
I Just Like Visiting Museums tba
I Told You So tba
In The Name Of tba
Indian Summer tba
It’s A Trap tba
Joyriders tba
Jungle tba
Kirabiti tba
Legacy tba
Les Nuits D’été tba
Limbo tba
Meet Me At The Rendezvous Café tba
Mrs Da Costa Takes It For The Team tba
Murmuration tba
Nevermind tba
October 1961 tba
Of Salt And The Raw Flesh Of Fish tba
Only Connect tba
Opening Night tba
Picking Through The Bones tba
Pockets tba
Sadness tba
Said The Monster tba
Salacia tba
Saver Girl tba
Secrets tba
Side Order tba
Silent Witness tba
Silver Foil tba
Slip In Time tba
Snowdrops tba
Strawberry Picking tba
The Armchairs tba
The Barrier tba
The Butcher Of Bakewell tba
The Cubby House tba
The Electric Historian tba
The Hunting Of The Masu’wa tba
The Jaws Of The Wolf tba
The Jinn tba
The Listening Grandmothers tba
The Orchard tba
The Priest’s Daughter tba
The Road Trip tba
The Stepwell tba
The Sweet Business tba
The Untelling Of Suzie Mckellar tba
Tina tba
To The Sea tba
Trust Fall tba
Underneath The Lightning Tree tba
Up In The Air – A Story Of Snot And Grazed Knees tba
Water And Oil tba
What Next tba