Inspired by Spring

Its the first day of spring. The primroses are blooming in the hedgerows and banks and the willow tree is shaded with green. Have you a story draft that’s a possibility for entry to our £1750 prize fund 2023 Award. It closes in five weeks, Monday 24th April.

Inspired by spring, perhaps, you might like to think about adding some extra colour to your story. For example, more exact and vivid details of place and character. More colourful verbs (instead of adjectives), more colourful situations. You could think what is provoked by early spring in your characters. Does the new season herald something new for them? Are there signs of growth which makes a person discard old habits and change their life completely? Does birdsong make them sad or happy? What path is your character on literally or metaphorically? Where are they going?

Our reading team is now busy reading the stories already received. Thank you to all who have sent so far. It’s always an exciting time in the last few weeks of the award. We look forward to reading your entries, up to 2200 words.

BSSA team member.