‘A Beautiful Thing’ BSSA 2014, 2nd prize winner, on Radio 4

“The Beautiful Thing’, by Kit de Waal to be broadcast on Radio 4, 22nd March

We’re delighted to announce that Kit de Waal’s story ‘The Beautiful Thing’, which won second prize in The Bath Short Story Award, 2014,  is going to be broadcast on Radio 4. Produced in BBC Radio Bristol by Mair Bosworth you can hear it  on  Sunday 22nd March 0.30 am (Effectively, Saturday night) and it will be available on iplayer for 30 days. We will add the link to the website when it is up shortly. A lovely treat for the beginning of Spring!

Kit told us about the recording process:
“First of all, the actor (Burt Cesaer) that R4 had commissioned to read the story was from the same part of the Caribbean as my father.  My father died in 1998 and it really was like hearing him speak all over again.  Very surreal.

What was fascinating was that although Burt was only reading the story, he was also acting – moving his arms, making facial expressions, shrugging his shoulders.  It brought the whole story alive in a way I could not have imagined.  I found myself, on the other side of the recording studio, actually listening to the story as though for the first time.  I found it oddly and unexpectedly moving.

All in all it as a fabulous experience and I’m really grateful to Mair Bosworth for letting me be part of the process”
To read more about Kit and her writing,  scroll down our interview page to find our recent interview with her.