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Entry is made here online via PayPal and email. To make your entry, pay using the PayPal button. Once you have your PayPal receipt, simply ‘Forward’ that receipt email – ensuring to ‘Attach’ your work – to the following email address:
entry at bath short story award dot otg
Payments are securely handled by PayPal. Alternatively, you may prefer to use your Credit/Debit card by selecting the appropriate payment method on the PayPal page.

Before entering, please ensure to familiarise yourself with all Rules, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policies. Entering the Bath Short Story Award is taken as your full agreement.

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How to Enter Online: Step by Step

  1. Have your entry file on your computer and ready for submission. Acceptable file types are odt, doc, docx, txt and pdf. The file name must be the title of your piece. If your work does not have a title, then the file name must be the first five words of your piece. Full details are in the Rules.
  2. Click on the PayPal buttons above.
  3. Pay using your PayPal account or using your Credit/Debit card. If you pay by Credit/Debit card, please take care when entering your email address, as this is the address we use to contact you.
  4. Following payment verification, you are returned to this site.
  5. Check your email for your PayPal receipt.
  6. Click on ‘Forward’ to forward the email.
  7. ‘Attach’ your entry file to the email.
  8. ‘Send’ your entry to the following address.
    entry at bath short story award dot otg

We judge anonymously so:
Following the above instructions will give us enough information to contact you if you win or are selected to be published.