Longlist 2018

Longlist BSSA 2018

Congratulations to all the authors who have made the longlist, and huge thanks to all who entered and continue to support our Award. The shortlist will be published on Monday, July 16th. Final results will be out in mid-August.

To preserve judging anonymity, author names are yet to be announced. We understand that finding you are on the list is exciting, so while sharing the news is fine, we ask that authors do not identify themselves with their particular work at this stage.

2018 Bath Short Story Award Long List
Title Author
A Good Black Coat tba
An Ode To Those Who Believe In Luck tba
Benji tba
Blue Suede Shoes tba
Brio tba
Caving tba
Click tba
Coming Soon, Lol tba
Dead Load Live Load Dynamic Load tba
Did You Know tba
Down In The Mud On Limehouse Beach tba
Educating Susan tba
Everything’s Going To Be Alright tba
Hawaiian Dynasty Toes tba
Heimaey tba
Hikikomori tba
How Do I Fit Into Your Body Now tba
Kassidee tba
Lost tba
Moth tba
Nanook’s Igloo tba
Night Song In The Ecotone tba
Non-Stop tba
Off-Ground Summer tba
Officers Of Adaptation To Climate Change tba
Pairing tba
Rock N Roll Is History tba
Sea Defences tba
Sixty Kilometres Out tba
St Otterans tba
Storm Songs tba
Synecdoche Zagreb tba
The Tank tba
Tasting Notes tba
The Court Order tba
The Dresser’s Apprentice tba
The Floating Girl tba
The Maze Game tba
The Museum Of Dead Crows tba
The Other Couple tba
The Plates Of Strangers tba
The Portrait tba
The River Is Always Right tba
The S.O.S. Dress tba
The Shopkeeper’s Wife tba
The Willow Woman tba
Trespasser’s Tide tba
Unravelling tba
Waste tba
Witches Sail In Eggshells tba